Tuesday, March 22, 2011

All jazzed up!

I promised I would and today I came through. I hit up the Bleeding Heart Gallery this morning for coffee and to jazz up my little cube of fancy. With my handmade 'pin board' of a picture frame and pretty paper to pin my brooches on and the addition of my hand drawn cards (think deers and bunnies!) it's looking waaay better than when I first put my stuff in! I also was lucky enough to borrow some awesome vintage fabric to line the bottom of my cube with to give it little more of a 'homely' feel. Think creams, browns, roses and a shock of turquoise! (photos are just NOT paying justice to it all, i'm going to have to re-think my camera choice that's for sure..)
I may also have acquired a cute wee lemon coloured ceramic bowl for my dresser, I think it will become a new home for my ring collection (photos will have to come later though because I had to dash of down the coast to uni and am currently updating my blog on the library computers, suck it other studious people!).

Hope you can pop by soon xx

Loved up..

So things have been rocky on the love front. Maybe more than rocky, treacherous even. However, I have great mates, a new self imposed wingman (i didn't have a choice), an awesome lot of support and a butt load of new TV to watch! I also was treated to a 'breakup' brownie care of one Laura Mitchell (kit and nancy fame). The photos aren't fabulous but I promise you it tasted MORE than fab!!

delicious dark choc brownie with raspberries AND cherry ripe!!

My lovely housemate Erin also gave me breakup treats in the shape of hilarious animal chocolates. The look crazy but god they were delicious! (and made it hurt just that little less for a moment)

Friday, March 18, 2011

What have I done?!

So you may or may not know that I have taken it upon myself this year to head back to uni at the ripe old ages of 25 and start another undergrad. Crazy you say? Yes I'm aware that this is probably not the most sane thing I could have done but I will stick with it, or so I thought until my epic melt down the other day. I have an essay due today, this afternoon in fact and whilst now I'm quite calm now, getting here was not an experience I wish to have again. I somehow had forgotten what study was, and how to research properly..and even how the hell to use a library?!
Good god I'm out of practise but I went to woolies, got myself some treats and then sat them on the kitchen counter until I had finished. Essentially I could have an oreo each time I finished a paragraph (I only managed 3 in about 4 hours!!) and the magazine, well I still havn't let myself sit down and read it properly. A mere flick through the pictures is all I've had, I did cave and use the mascara though (and if anyone's wondering, it's amazing!!). A good mascara is so hard to find so when you stumble on a winner it's fantastic, a free one even better!

my study buddy..!

Bleeding Heart new-ness!

Hurrah! I've finally got my act together and taken some treasures down to the gift shop at Bleeding Heart Gallery on Ann St in the city (Brisbane city that is...)

Now I wasn't 100% sure how to display or what was available so please don't judge too harshly when you see my initial photos. I'm heading back in hopefully today with some vintage picture frames and floral fabric (care of the waaay to generous Laura from Kit and Nancy) to do some sprucing up of my cube. I will also be adding some hand drawn cards to the mix so please head down and check me out. I promise you will find somethinhg that excites whether is be the delicious crafting, the artwork or just a really good coffee!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Single Saturday!

Well this is a hard one but the first single saturday in three and a half years I felt should be documented, regardless. This is my choice of nail colour to spend this day with, love it!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Gift wrapping and exciting times

It's been a while but I promise I've been working on important things and not just lazing about! Not only has uni started {which I am super excited about and have since discovered I am SUCH a closet nerd!} but there a few exciting things in the pipeline ready to explode into reality...in a week or two so watch out!

This last week had been a wee bit rough with starting uni and mister matthew being away for work but we got there and all's going to be ok. I got an amazing amount of credit from uni from my prior degree which cut three quarters of and year off my new one, Soundwave was on saturday and was simply fantastic, I found out another one of my friends is having a baby AND I got to do a special gift wrapping etsy send off for lovely Katie in the UK who was sending to her sister here in Australia.

the lovely sunny location of my new uni!

delicious gift wrapping {i hope you like it girls!}

Soundwave in floral, can you dig it? haha! gosh it was fun!