Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lady of leisure

Well i'm on uni holidays and usually that would mean crazy amounts of work buuuut because I'm an invalid with a bung leg i'm only doing one subject AND ace-ing it {suck it proper first years who havn't even hit puberty yet, the old lady is winning!} so I decided to get my green thumb on and turn into some kind of gardening extraordinaire. I've recently been down to Coffs Harbour to visit family and was sent home with two cherry tomato plants, basil and coriander so yesterday I hit up Bunnings with my mum to add to the collection and find out what else I needed to ensure these plants didn't die {I'm not known for my gardening skills if I'm honest}. I came home with potting mix, liquid food for the plants {who knew!} AND rosemary, sno peas, rocket, strawberries and bok choy! Then my mum added mint and pineapple sage {??} from her mammoth vegie garden and then all I had to do was find space for it all in our not so enormous 'backyard' {that need some serious er, pruning/ ripping out ugly weed plants to make space for my glorious vegies...}

...Here is the proof that I can garden and plant things, and get filthy doing it. Now we just have to wait and see if they take and will have the good graces to grow things for me!

Ready, set, go!

Found these guys in the garden, i'm hoping for a gnome next!

I had to transplant these babies! I'm practically qualified...

Gardening face!

My, er, 'green thumb'

My fabulous climbing plants, sno peas and tomatos!


{a friend came over and found me sitting actually in the garden trying to dig holes..this photo was to prove to my mum that I actually gave it a shot!}

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

For a bun in the oven

I bought this a little while ago for one of my best friends in the entire world, well her bun in the oven anyway. It's nanna knitted and pretty much one of the cutest things ever and even though this baby girl won't fit into it untill she's about 4 years old I simply had to buy it! For $4 who wouldn't?! There's so much work in it and the buttons alone are amazing. So moral of that story is I can no longer go shopping ever because I have reached the point where I will rationalise any and every purchase...ANY!

Camilla I hope you and your jellybean like what the coolest Australian Aunty that kid is ever going to have bought it xx

Sunshine, lollipops...

Yesterday had to be one of the most relaxing, delicious days I've had in a super long time! It was my first day back at uni after the op and things were going swimmingly. The sun was shining pretty well all day long and on my lunch break I had the latest Frankie to read and an awesome {if I do say so myself} salad to eat. Let's just say I couldn't help but take photos and here they are.

It even rained last night! {down the coast, I don't know what it did up in Brissie...} A perfect day topped off with beers, steaks and potato salad with my mate Souperman, too good.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Materialistic at Reverse Garbage

What a delicious sunny afternoon!

Today has been full of surprises and treats so far, all of which I am going to share because I'm just that kind of person today.

First of all, my knee was free-ed from the prison of bandages and leg brace that it has been ensconsed in for the past two weeks post surgery. I tell you what, even though it's a bit of a weird feeling not having all that support around it anymore, it is SUPER nice to feel the sun again! {now to work on that summer tan...fake style of course!}

So in between that and then my physio appointment {not the most fun} Mum and I went down to the city to have a furkle around and landed ourselves in the L'Occitane shop. Let me just say if you havn't treated yourself it really is divine and smells SO good. They have two new moisturisers for spring, cherry blossom and orange blossom and a new peony fragrance - all amazing. I got myself a new lip gloss from the spring range and some awesome shea butter hand cream, love a good hand cream.

Then after physio {pain pain} mum and I quickly popped into Reverse Garbage where I found out that all the stock I took in a few weeks ago was being saved for the Materialistic exhibition that opens on Saturday night! Along with my old faithful zipper creations there are also newly created vintage button necklaces, leather earrings and vintage fabric gift cards. There is also a blog post about the show over on the BrisStyle blog where you can read more about it and see some of the other types of pieces that will be on display and for sale.

So if you're around on Saturday evening and find yourself without a plan, head down to 'Reverse Emporium', the new gallery space at Reverse Garbage to check out the show!

Opening Night: Saturday, September 10
Time: 6.00pm - 9.00pm
Where: 20 Burke Street, Woolloongabba QLD 4102

Sunday, September 4, 2011

What do we think?

{and by we I mean, all of you}

about the new colour scheme?

I didn't want to change it up too much in the way of set up but it definitly needed an over haul. I'm still working on a banner but am waiting on my spiffy new desktop to be setup {my dad has to help me because I am what one might refer to as technologically impaired...completely useless} and then I'll bust out the CS5 photoshop to give me a hand with the banner situation. Until then though, ideas on content for the banner? I'm sick of the polaroid, it's too big and the blue is out too i think...maybe..see this is why I need input!

..heeeelllppp! {please xx}

Thursday, September 1, 2011

To Ray Ban or not to Ray Ban?

A friend of her way back from bali holidaying {so jealous - i miss the sunshine!} brought me back an awesome pair of fakeys, black in colour, ray ban in the fake ness - love it! Another friend, who arrived back in the country only a couple of days after brought me a thankyou present in the form of black, the real deal, ray! Except now she won't let me have them because I already have a black pair {no matter that they're fake or not} and is waiting on me to choose another colour so she can do a swapsies. Here in lies the problem, there are
 a) too many colours to choose from and
 b) i am the most indecisive person in the universe!

help meeee!

I hopped onto the website and found a few, and then hopped onto the USA website and found even more sweet I need help to chooooooooooooose.

i'm thinking these are my first choice...summery much?!

perhaps borderline tiger stripes are not for me? but they're pretty cool..