Monday, June 28, 2010

It's on!

I promise I havn't been neglecting this place on purpose, it's just happened out of sheer busy-ness on my part. The frantic panic that has been the last week and a bit to get our group exhibition happening and off the ground has been crazy! But, now that opening night has happened and was such an awesome success I feel I can take a minute {or 40} and take photos, edit them and fill you all in on the happenings of the last couple of weeks that have literally flown by!

So here I am , sitting and guarding our own little show. It's not enough that I'm an art cop by day, on my days off {but only for a couple of days this week admittedly} I am too! It's good though, just me, my computer and a cup of left over orange juice {we started with 12 litres on opening night, 3 days later we still have 6 litres left...I'll say nothing more on the subject!}.

Opening night was a fantastic success though with WAY more people than we could have even imagined showing up and let me just take a moment to say a huge thank you to the rest of our work mates. A lovely show of support from all!! Nearly all of us had sales on the first night and it has only just got more successful.

We're open till Wednesday July 2nd, 10am - 5pm every day so if you're in the Brisbane area why not stop by and say hello... Here are some images of my work in case you can't drop in though.

'Pop up Orange', 'Minty Fresh', 'Grape Soda'
{mixed media on canvas paper}

'Keepers of your red heart'
{acrylic & ink on canvas}

'Inside {hearts}', 'Truth of heart'
{archival ink on paper}

'Keep me {shatter proof}'
{crotchet doilies in porcelain slip}

'Keep me {shatter proof} .01, .02 , .03
{crotchet doilies in porcelain slip}

my little corner of the gallery.

Quarter of a century...

The happenings of our quarter century celbrations multiplied by three, sophie, sophie and me.

high tea in highgate hill.

cute AND delicious!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

beci orpin

beci orpin

check it out, my new favourite blog....well one of them

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The trials and tribulations of the doilie project {moulding the doilies}.

This was just plain messy.

The trials and tribulations of the doilie project {step 2}..

I've talked to some people 'in the know' and it has become apparent that a mould was needed for my doilies, to avoid the slumpy outcome of my first attempts. So here they are. It was too messy to photograph the actual process but picture a grown up, sitting on the ground under the house, in her oldest messiest clothes armed with a bottle of water, a butter knife, ipod + speakers blaring and a 10 kilo block of school grade clay. It was an interesting afternoon and I forgot that last time I made clay bowls was probably when I was 10, at primary school and had a teacher help took me a while to get back into it let's just leave it at that...

The trials and tribulations of the doilie project.

I'm not going to go into too much detail on this one, suffice to say that i've begun a new project for the exhibition that i'm in at the end of June. What has been a good 8 months of doilie collecting by myself and my mum accumulated in this slumped attempt at the 'big idea'. Never fear though! I have one step of trial #2 in the oven as we speak.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Getting ready to rummage...

Another rummage, a smaller suitcase, more clothes and more NEW bits and bobs! What are they? Can't say, you might just have to come by on Sunday the 6th of June and find out..{find us at King George Square from 1pm}

Creating new things...

Hurty back + neck and subsequent days off work equals a trip to spotlight, opshops and then new things created...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

another 6 favourites...

Artworks this time, six of my favourites...

The top 6 anyway.

Chaim Soutine
The Landscape "View of Ceret"

Salvador Dali
Temtation of St Anthony

Antoni Gaudi
Gaudi House

John Olsen
Journey into the you beaut country 2

Vincent van Gough
Skull with  cigarette

Fred Williams
Upwey Landscape

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rug up for the first day of winter!

Let me just say first that these are not the most amazing photos I've ever taken, generally due to the fact that they were take on my phone. My camera just adds more weight to an already burdensome handbag {some might call me a baglady of sorts...ahem} and I tend not to carry it around with me even though it's times like this I regret that fact.
 Anyway, as I was walking to work this morning, all the way through town I noticed some lovely souls had decided to make sure the city was all rugged up for the first day of Winter.
Hopefully all these knitted lovely warm things will still be around tomorrow so I can get some better photos of the tree scarves and the crotchet hearts attached to the fences! But in case I don't, or they're not there anymore here are the bridge warmers and the giant balls of wool.