Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Loved up..

So things have been rocky on the love front. Maybe more than rocky, treacherous even. However, I have great mates, a new self imposed wingman (i didn't have a choice), an awesome lot of support and a butt load of new TV to watch! I also was treated to a 'breakup' brownie care of one Laura Mitchell (kit and nancy fame). The photos aren't fabulous but I promise you it tasted MORE than fab!!

delicious dark choc brownie with raspberries AND cherry ripe!!

My lovely housemate Erin also gave me breakup treats in the shape of hilarious animal chocolates. The look crazy but god they were delicious! (and made it hurt just that little less for a moment)


  1. Hey any idea what brand those animal chocolates were? I am wanting to buy some :)