Monday, May 24, 2010

Another week in 6 photos.

So, we've started watching the 'Long way down' again, the one with Ewan Mcgregor and Charlie Boorman and they motor cycle down from Scotland, through Europe and Africa to Cape Town.

Anyway, it's making me get the travel bug again and I really wish I was in the midst of planning a trip to

here {Copenhagen}

but this {Byron Bay} is more realisitc I suppose...

i wish people still made these for each other...

and I wish my shoulder would fix itself so I didn't have to keep getting jabbed at accupuncture.

and i dressed up as a lego cube on saturday night. {mine was red}

...for Kevins eyes only.

{if you don't know then I can't tell you}

Let this be a lesson to all..

Don't play with super glue and frantically try to finish off brooches and earrings on your lunch break no matter how out of time you are running. It makes for an awkward conversation with your boss, a lengthy search for acetone and then an even lengthier sit, by yourself in the first aid room until thing damn thing falls off your finger {all the while you're hoping that it's the tube of glue that falls off firts,not your finger nail!}

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Artwork now for sale via etsy!

Just a quick note to let you know that i've been working like crazy and now have my artwork for sale on etsy as well as other cute handmadey things {cards, brooches, hairclips, earrings}!

come check out the studio to see for youself!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

it's been a while..

Buuuut, I've decided that being too busy for 'my week in 6' has been a bad thing and as one of my many decisions made this last week this is one of them. The return of my favourite 6 of whatever for the week is back with force and will hopefully get me back into the swing of things, creatively and organisationally speaking.

So. My week in 6, starting anew and taken from an hour or so of internet window shopping. In particular, trawling the internet windows of TopShop! {ok so there's 7 things but I couldn't help myself! Even though I know the teeny tiny hair straightener probably wouldn't work as well as my ghd it's just so damn cute!}

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

'Something More'

I'm going to be part of an exhibition here in Brisbane at the end of June with 9 other brisbane based srtists and would love for you all to come along and have a look!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Suitcase Rummage #2

Not as busy as the first but it was mothers day and heres hoping that the diminished crowds were due to the fact you were all out there looking after your mums and making sure their day was wonderful! {don't worry, I took care of all things mum before lunchtime with a breakfast bonanza!}

I had more cards, some sweet brooches and hair clips made from vintage zippers and a bunch of other new things made for our new etsy venture.

Pics of the day..

{not sure what my hand is doing..just don't look at it!}

Under the stairs is finally on etsy!!

Under the stairs Studio is actually on etsy now guys! I know it's taken fricken ages but i've got there eventually. My internet has been playing up and not enjoying uploading images though so the shop isn't as full/ pretty as it will be, but use your imagination and you never know what you'll come up with!

I've got some pretty earrings and birthday cards up at the moment and to come are more cards, gift tags and brooches by myself and one of my partners in crime {my sister}.

Here are some sneak previews...

cute cards...

funky brooches

and pretty bows.

keep an eye on our store, it will be growing soon i promise!

morgan x

Saturday, May 8, 2010

dear everyone,

please come to rummage tomorrow.

love morgan

I've got loads of new surprises i've been working on for my {wait for it}...etsy shop!! New card designs, earrings, more buttons, knitting needles {they did say sell like a nanna after all!} and cute zipper-ness, come check me out!