Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oh Anthropologie..

How does a girl decide?!

Here are my pick for the summer, loving the chunky bright colours and different materials!

Choose your {credit cards} poison in the accessories sections online at Anthropologie.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The sweetest thing

Just a little something I couldn't pass up when I was buying myself a treat online.

Sadly Mia won't fit this for probably another 6 months but when she does, going to be SO cute!
In search of the perfect burger...I thought it was a little weird, but still cool. This was the shirt I made my treat for the day!

Both t-shirts are from a little company in the US called Dressing On The Side. You can find them on etsy here or on their own website, here.

I would definitly 100% recommend checking them out for both guys and girls t-shirts.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Red Hill Kindergarten Art Show!

Hola tiny dancers!
This is just a quick spruik for a group art show that both my artwork and jewellry will feature in in a couple of weeks time. So, because it's in conjunction with the Red Hill Kindy, alongside the selected guest artists all the kids will also have pieces of artistic brilliance on display {i'm just saying now, future artistic genius right there!}.

 So if you're in the area please come along to support your local artists and kindergarten. All artworks will be for sale and will include but not be limited to painting, photography, ceramics and jewellry.

Guest artists include
* Imogen Macdonald
* Kristyn Roberts
* Xani Kennedy
* Rachael Sedgeman
* Nikki Roberts
* Chris Kemp
* Kim Aitken
* Morgan Kennedy
* Nadine Sawyer
* Kate Knapp
and you'll find the art, wine and nibblies at The community hall next door to Red Hill Kindergarten.
93 Enogerra Terrace, Red Hill
Brisbane, Australia

And did I mention it's one night only people so get on board!!

{an example of my work}


Friday, October 21, 2011

On a bicycle built for two.

A very close friend is getting hitched tomorrow and asked me to make the ring pillow seeing as I am cushion extrodinaire! So here it is, silk, embroidery and pearls, all put together by these sexy crafty hands!

Sarah and Craig I hope you have a wonderful day {please note I will be taking my payment in free champagne and baby cuddles at the reception}.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Again with the fatty recipes..

So i got bored of trawling the internet for design inspiration {for uni I have to design a house, great to start with but i've hit a GIGANTIC wall} and started just trawling for delicious sounding recipes, the nutella was my inspiration for this act of immenent fattiness I'm going to guess. Anyway, not the point. The point is that I love pancakes and here are two variations of your regular run of the mill pancake that I'm pretty much dying to try out. If it wasn't such a hot sunny day I would probably already be in the kitchen, frypan in hand!

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes from Recipe Girl look like a heart attack just waiting to happen but holy moly don't they look too delicious to pass on!

And then there's this one time when french toast met pancakes at says it all really. The two best breakfast treats combined, who could want for anything more?!

So here ends my procrastination...maybe...untill I find something else to waffle on about whilst pretending to actually do uni work. Inspiring photos for my design is a start but when the thing is due on Halloween and id worth a good 80% of my mark I'm thinking maybe I should pull my finger out...maybe.

peace out breakfast homies! xx

Study + procrastination = fatty boomsticks

So I know that it was my choice to go back to study and all that however, it's not a word of a lie when I say that the amount of procrastination that's coming out of this degree combined with the blog trawling I am doing as a result will no doubt turn me into one giant fatty. Especially when I come across blog posts like this one from nutella deliciousness! See for yourself...smores-just-got-fancy

Thursday, October 6, 2011

New dress!

New dress from Cue and sweet new opshop clutch purse, hello wedding outfit! Now just need to find some shoes that match....

Opshop gold!

Last week I took a trip down to the NSW north coast to visit family with my mum and along the way {both to and from} we stopped in at more opshops than I can count. We also took a trip into Bellingen {which is only about a half hour drive from Coffs} had some delicious organic somethings for lunch and hit all the wee boutique-ey shops and vintage stores they had to offer. The moral of this short and sweet post is I landed on some opshop vintage gold and can't wait to start new summer crafting projects!

My new, very plastic, very gold, very awesome clutch purse!

This ice-cream pillow case delight is double sided and I'll be making two sweet {pun intended!} cushions out of it, first come first served I'm afraid.

Who doesn't need more buttons?

or more zippers?

The golden find of the trip! Multi coloured zippers are so hard to find i'de say they're almost extinct, this is only the second one i've found in close to 3 years of zipper op-shopping and it's even more fabulous than the last one! Now my conundrum is what to make with it? Earrings? Brooch?