Tuesday, March 22, 2011

All jazzed up!

I promised I would and today I came through. I hit up the Bleeding Heart Gallery this morning for coffee and to jazz up my little cube of fancy. With my handmade 'pin board' of a picture frame and pretty paper to pin my brooches on and the addition of my hand drawn cards (think deers and bunnies!) it's looking waaay better than when I first put my stuff in! I also was lucky enough to borrow some awesome vintage fabric to line the bottom of my cube with to give it little more of a 'homely' feel. Think creams, browns, roses and a shock of turquoise! (photos are just NOT paying justice to it all, i'm going to have to re-think my camera choice that's for sure..)
I may also have acquired a cute wee lemon coloured ceramic bowl for my dresser, I think it will become a new home for my ring collection (photos will have to come later though because I had to dash of down the coast to uni and am currently updating my blog on the library computers, suck it other studious people!).

Hope you can pop by soon xx

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  1. saw it today! looks wonderful. I must have just missed you.