Friday, March 4, 2011

Gift wrapping and exciting times

It's been a while but I promise I've been working on important things and not just lazing about! Not only has uni started {which I am super excited about and have since discovered I am SUCH a closet nerd!} but there a few exciting things in the pipeline ready to explode into a week or two so watch out!

This last week had been a wee bit rough with starting uni and mister matthew being away for work but we got there and all's going to be ok. I got an amazing amount of credit from uni from my prior degree which cut three quarters of and year off my new one, Soundwave was on saturday and was simply fantastic, I found out another one of my friends is having a baby AND I got to do a special gift wrapping etsy send off for lovely Katie in the UK who was sending to her sister here in Australia.

the lovely sunny location of my new uni!

delicious gift wrapping {i hope you like it girls!}

Soundwave in floral, can you dig it? haha! gosh it was fun!

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