Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Party time, excellent!

I love Waynes World, for all the trash and big hair and baseball caps.

This has nothing to do with my last two weekends though {which is what this blog is about} except for the fact that they were both mucho excellentay!

This first was an all round winner of a weekend that began with my sister, mum and I going to a handbag sale and then sliding over to the Kit and Nancy yard sale...hello awesome new YELLOW uni bag and kitschy vintage kitchen scales! I also then mounted a raid on my youngest sisters bedroom {which was mine before I moved out} because I knew my old cane kids rocking chair was still about but hadn't spied it in a while. I was on a mission to save it and save it I did, from an old computer monitor that was squishing it and god knows what else has made that wardrobe its home!

i am going to ROCK uni, yellow style!

now holds the more miniature of our cookbooks on the kitchen bench

all my saturday treasures.

Then it was all about the Christmas craft seeing as I have been asked to have a stall at the Bleeding Heart Gallery Christmas Market,
 Dec 2nd, 10am - 4pm
166 Ann Street, Brisbane.
 {if anyone was keen to pop by?}

me looking super attractive in my working hat and loving the fact that it was 1 million degrees, in the SHADE! {i was not in the shade..}
the trees

the helper Millie

Monday, November 28, 2011


I just found this recipe and actually cannot wait to try it out, I'm almost at the point where I want to get in my car a drive to the nearest 7-eleven and pay through the nose for a packet of overpriced tim tams just to give it a go! {did I mention that it's 11:03 PM on a MONDAY night...}, tim tam tarts?! Come on!

Anyway, for the good of the world please go and check it out at Chantelles blog, fat mum slim.


Not really, more like Macaroons, but it was my first attempt and I feel as though it was worthy of a song.

Now this is going to be the shortened version of my epic adventure but only because I'm STARVING and beginning to slur my words here, my typing has hit a land slide and is quickly heading down hill.

Anyway, my family was having a pre Christmas, Christmas dinner and for dessert I decided to try my hand at the ever elusive macaroon. I won. Take that hard to bake sweet things!

Ta daaa!

Strawberry fields

It might not be a field exactly but our strawberry plants are coming along nicely {as is the rest of the garden!} and as proof, here is our first harvest!

I've also been eating the snow peas, lettuce, basil, mint, bok choy and shallots and I'm counting down the days to when the rocket {from seeds} and tomatoes will be ripe for the pickin'!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's getting to be that time of year!

I love Christmas, so much! I'm not even kidding. 

Last year I made {from scratch} gingerbread men for all my work peeps and other besties and gingerbread reindeer as gift tags for all my family. I also managed my first ever stocking and my market stall was full to the brim with handmade felt tree decorations and garlands.

Anyway, this year my sisters and I are joining creative forces, I can't give much away just yet but here are some photos from last years markets to get you curious!!

All the felties are made by yours truly, the ceramic decos by my sister Ash and the timber trees {painted green and gold} are done by us both {with some Dad help}. The timber trees have been a feature of our Christmas' since forever and we decided to give them a bit of a come back tour this year. They stand about 40cm tall and come with or without decorations {each branch had a small hole drilled into it so you can trim your tiny tree} and are painted green with the star being gold and a slight mist of gold around the branches as 'tinsel'. We love them and hope that they'll be a hit outside our family too!