Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Online shopping = epic fail

And only a failure in the 'my credit card is going to die a horrible death' type failure from being used tooooooo  much. It's only because I'm not allowed out into the realm of people yet because I'm all laid up with the crutches and the leg brace. Honestly though, what could be more fun than an afternoon on the sunny back deck, tea in one hand, a plethora of online deliciousness at the finger tips of your other?!

I've been good so far and only window shopped but I know it's only a matter of time so until then, here are some of the more inviting and exciting finds i'm trying to decide between.

LOVE these silk tops by rachel rose on etsy! They're handpainted and come in all different colours, it's so hard to choose just one.

Ah, they have deer on them and they keep you toasty in the they need to tick anymore boxes?

I could wear this anywhere!
Possibly the most amazing ballet flats I have seen ever in the whole entire universe! Stupidly over priced but the doesn't change the fact that I am in love!

Got to get ready for summer at some point and what better way to do that than with this pretty pretty one piece? Also from mod cloth

So i'm sure tomorrow there will be another bout of online window shopping but for now, it's dinner time and then some good ole mid week crime TV!

Peace out lovers!

Monday, August 29, 2011

So the accident happened..

and then came the operation.

hello knee reconstruction, how are you today?

so folks, i'm in a giant leg brace and bandages for another week and a half and then it's ola knew knee!

In the mean time my sister is up from Sydney to 'care' for me (tomorrow is cheap tuesday so we're thinking of hitting the video store and getting pizza and other treats that would be regarded as reckless eating as way of 'caring' for me).
She who is the photography extraodinaire is going to help me photograph all my new bits and pieces to pump up my etsy shop again and reinvigorate my facebook page and I have a feeling this bloggin' thing is going to get a work out because I've already watched three serisouly BAD movies and become slightly addicted to Vampire Diaries AND nearly run out of books and magazines to read...i've only been out of hospital 6 days tomorrow...
from FrenchFrouFrou on etsy

So please, if you have any ideas, any at all that will keep me from gnawing my leg off in a fit of crazy brought on by boredom DO NOT hesitate to swing it my way.

Until next time chicas!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New exhibition

Ola tiny dancers!!

So today has been a wee better and for that I finished my first of a few new pieces I have been working on for a group exhibition I will be in later this month. This is the second of hopefully an ongoing annual show, the first one was held last year at the Circle Gallery in West End.

Anyway, so here it is, the finished piece all framed up and ready to go. It's not the most amazing photograph in the world but please let me know what you all think!

So if you're interested, the opening night is August 27th from 4pm,

Circle Gallery in West End, Brisbane.
274 Montague Road
West End
QLD 4101
(corner of Montague Road and Scott St.
West End Brisbane, above Art Shed.)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Had an accident...

Ok well the bike ride went all fine and dandy but then just over 2 weeks ago I decided to go and snap a major ligament in my knee playing hockey...hello knee reconstruction how are you today?

Yeah I know, sport = injuries, but not always! And now I have to sit around which is fine for a time but then TV starts to get boring and the reality of the reckless cookie eating and lack of ability to exercise kicks in...sad face.

This may mean that I will blog more, it might also mean that I become particularly slack on this side of things because I'm now about 3 weeks behind at uni and freaking out about it!

On the plus side we still managed to hit the Red Hill Fair with our wares and have loads of fun, many a steak sandwich, brownies and coffees and perhaps a wee bit too much sun. But with the lovely day and the stray baby goats and sheep wandering the park when we arrived to set up it was a pretty awesome day, despite the crutches and leg brace!

{photos are coming, of the fair, not the knee!}
{play safe xx}