Saturday, December 31, 2011

Next year I promise...

1: to eat better and be more creative with the cooking for one thing, jamie oliver the shit out of dinner cooking!

2: to go to the gym far more often than is currently the case.

3: make a proper effort to keep in touch with overseas friends {and those who are in the next suburb and I barely see!}

and finally...

4: actually stick to these three resolutions!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Laundromat antics

So the other day I spent a good couple of hours chilling out in what I must say was one of the more interesting laundromats I've been in. and before you judge me and think, what a weirdo for just hanging out with other peoples laundry, I wasn't. I was actually partaking in the washing and drying of the clothes (camping and two days of rain isn't conducive to dry or nice smelling anything, particularly towels).
Anyway, as per usual I got a little snap happy, but this time I feel it was justified, it's one cool laundromat and one awesome vintage lino table that I would have stashed in the car had there been ample be the judge.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tis the season...

To be jolly, ie.
A) drinking margaritas for breakfast/brunch.
B) last minute wrapping of the presents.
C) playing ridiculous boardgames called smart ass with your grandma so that she has to say jackass and hardass, a lot!
D) swimming at the beach even if it's over cast and miserable purely because it's the christmas holidays and you drove this far anyway.
E) eating too much cheese platter...or not enough!
F) listening to the bangles, the beach boys and other manner of poppy brilliance on vinyl...
G) op shopping...enough said
This may or may not be my silly season thus far....

too rainy for words
getting ready to walk like an Egyptian!
i will post my super amazing finds from here after Christmas!

Being all a fox

Not really like a fox, more like a little kid. The christmas fair at Imogens ArtSpace went off without a hitch. It was super fun with the crafting table and the musical entertainment, the mini markets and the cake stall. Even though it was a wee bit rainy and miserable we still managed to party, bare foot and on a sugar high!

our mini market stall

Nikki & Ash, Christmas-ing it up!

tissue paper Christmas wreath!
Imogens Art Space.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Baking up a storm!

Last weekend was the christmas fundraiser fair at Imogens art space and boy did we have an amazing time!
To mix it up a little I made about a zillion things for our make shift cake stall (no fair is complete without the obligatory came stall). I couldn't decide what to make initially so borrowed a friends copy of the frankie sweet treats book and please pardon the pun....went nuts!
We're talking rocky road, gingerbread men, caramel corn, toffee apples, choc peppermint cupcakes with crushed candy canes as sprinkles and fail safe fudge!
I know I'm a little being in the blogging but I promise you the photos have been taken it's just a matter of me finding the time to write the words!
Enjoy the sweetness!

and so we begin the rocky road adventure..

caramel corn was the hit of the day...the baking MY house by my HOUSEMATES!
candy cane sprinkles!

the carnage the was laft after gingerbread men were made

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bleeding Heart Markets

Just a wee re-cap of last Fridays market venture. The rained stayed away and I managed to buy one part of my sisters Christmas pressie. It was fun if a little slow but I had loads of visitors {thanks mum, cousin and other ladies!} so it was pretty fun all round.

My sisters handmade decorations, you can find her on etsy at TheFloatingWorkshop

Mini trees for your mantle or Christmas table! $35 each and can be found on my etsy.

New cushion covers made from vintage pillow cases and vintage zippers, everyone loves an icecream! Will so be on my etsy shop..

Art work and screen printed goodies by Nikki at UptightButDangerous

Monday, December 5, 2011

Dear Santa

I know I'm a little old for this perhaps but I truly miss writing a letter to Santa, telling him all about how good I've been over the year and how much I truly truly deserve that thing that I desperately want. So anyway, to make myself feel better because I know this year is going to be looking a little on the skinny side of things present wise I've made my own wishlist, picture style.

{I'm very aware that this is completely 100% self indulgent but please, everyone likes looking at pretty things! so put those judging eyes away and enjoy!}
Lovefoxxx Joking at Melissa Australia

rock on muppet fans, at threadless

Beautiful earrings by amerrymishap on etsy

If only it was cold here for Christmas I could wear these cute as mittens from BirdaKnits on etsy

Patricia Valery made this most amazing party dress ever...I do love it so

What could quite possibly become the greatest addition to my house...ever! This and other gems can be found over on etsy, made by lino cut boy.
uh, do I even need to give this any reasoning aside from the fact that It's the cutest flippin pterodactyl ever and I love dinosaurs! Thankyou ecoLEFTZ 

Loving the crappiness of this shirt, I'll be back Cairo Vintage!

I'll be honest, I could go on but I won't because it's waay past my bedtime and I still plan on squeezing in some reading time {nearly finished book #3 in the Game of Thrones series, if you're not already, jump on board!}

Summer Lovin'

....Had me a blast at Noosa a few weekends ago with the girls, sunshine, delicious cider and a rather territorial kookaburra.

kickin' it beach style!

the view from our beveraging verandah

old mate
just a few photos to make you jealous xx