Friday, May 27, 2011

Red Hill Fair

Hi everyone!
Just a quick note to ask if anyone is keen to have a stall with me {or you can have your own if you are SUPER keen!} at this years Red Hill Fair?
It will be held on the last saturday in July which is the 30th of July and is always held in Woolcock park on the border of Red Hill and Ashgrove in Brisbane.
I know last year a whole crew from Bris-style were a part of the festivities and the organisers are really interested in having more handmadies, crafties and vintagies there this year too.
Please let me know asap if you're interested. It's always super fun and there's the usual cake stall, face painting, silent auctions, jumping castle, barnyard animals, hamburgers, fairyfloss, the whole bit!
The cost is $80 per stall which is why I was looking for a partner in crime, and also a partner in splitting the $80! To be honest I think if we make it look cute and fun we'll make that back easily!
I'm in the know and have insider info {having gone to this kindy as a wee one and my mum teaches there it's alllll good} so come on guys, get on board!

Click here for the facebook link to the Red Hill Fair
or here for the link to the website for last years fair to see who else was on board.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Morgan xx

Thursday, May 19, 2011

it's chilli tiiiime

Chilli night is happening tonight at casa Morgan! All in the name of procrastination naturally. Chilli con carne ala Jamie Oliver, corn bread by me and home made guacamole, all we need are some icy cold coronas and we're good to go.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

For the love of laughs {and lycra!}

Here are some training ride photos for you all to have a wee wednesday evening chuckle at because let's face it, lycra IS hilarious! {i should know, my most recent pair of cycling shorts match my mums, RED!}

Ash & I, thumbs up to the lycra!

It's a dangerous life we lead in the lycra.

SO sexy in the matching lycra!!

Lycra lets us ride like the wind..

It's was cold the second time round and we were feelin' the good times!

...I know what i'm doing

Go team!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Friday fun times

Friday morning saw Trudy and I setting up our little worlds at the Bleeding Heart Gallery Markets. Initially the table was an issue, but not for long seeing as we're both so clever!

Across the way was the lovely Kim Aitken who makes the most lovely ceramics {my mum got a lovely glossy lemon yellow bowl for mothers day and grandma is getting floral bread and butter/ cupcake plate for her birthday!}. Her daughter Alex was there to keep her company which was so nice {she also was an admirer of my new leather earrings so obviously we were immediately friends!}. Kim has a cube in the gift shop at Bleeding Heart but she also sells at the Boutique Markets at Portside .

Next door I made a new friend in Ella from Little Lala jewellery. We bonded over novels, fantasy or space? And the ins and outs of peroxiding your hair. I couldn't help myself and bought some of her fantastic mineral eye shadow and talked my housemate into buying another colour, so we could share obviously!

my place!

trudys place!

 mini heart bunting, if you like it you can have it, i'm sick to death of seeing it!

 these are my latest sucess, leather heart stud earrings. I'm thinkikng of other shapes to try as my mum seems to think that not everyone likes to wear hearts {?!}, i thought maybe triangles? thoughts?

 handfulls of new colours in the zipper rosettes!

new art, old art

 new little felt skulls, i'm going to try and make them into hair clips as well as these brooches.

It was a fun day and even though it was a little slow {not many people knew we were there} it was relaxing and gave me a chance to try out some new products, drink some great coffee and make new friends.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I wish...

A new take on my old 'once a week' my week in 6 list.

I wish...

that I had someone who thought this of me.
{found at 4/four Cards on etsy}

i could put this on my bike to hold all my treasures.
{found at walnutstudiolo on etsy}

that the Charlotte Hornets still existed.
{t-shirt from qbeagles on etsy}

my car looked like this.

and that I could travel more.

that's all for this week.