Thursday, October 6, 2011

Opshop gold!

Last week I took a trip down to the NSW north coast to visit family with my mum and along the way {both to and from} we stopped in at more opshops than I can count. We also took a trip into Bellingen {which is only about a half hour drive from Coffs} had some delicious organic somethings for lunch and hit all the wee boutique-ey shops and vintage stores they had to offer. The moral of this short and sweet post is I landed on some opshop vintage gold and can't wait to start new summer crafting projects!

My new, very plastic, very gold, very awesome clutch purse!

This ice-cream pillow case delight is double sided and I'll be making two sweet {pun intended!} cushions out of it, first come first served I'm afraid.

Who doesn't need more buttons?

or more zippers?

The golden find of the trip! Multi coloured zippers are so hard to find i'de say they're almost extinct, this is only the second one i've found in close to 3 years of zipper op-shopping and it's even more fabulous than the last one! Now my conundrum is what to make with it? Earrings? Brooch?

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