Sunday, October 16, 2011

Again with the fatty recipes..

So i got bored of trawling the internet for design inspiration {for uni I have to design a house, great to start with but i've hit a GIGANTIC wall} and started just trawling for delicious sounding recipes, the nutella was my inspiration for this act of immenent fattiness I'm going to guess. Anyway, not the point. The point is that I love pancakes and here are two variations of your regular run of the mill pancake that I'm pretty much dying to try out. If it wasn't such a hot sunny day I would probably already be in the kitchen, frypan in hand!

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes from Recipe Girl look like a heart attack just waiting to happen but holy moly don't they look too delicious to pass on!

And then there's this one time when french toast met pancakes at says it all really. The two best breakfast treats combined, who could want for anything more?!

So here ends my procrastination...maybe...untill I find something else to waffle on about whilst pretending to actually do uni work. Inspiring photos for my design is a start but when the thing is due on Halloween and id worth a good 80% of my mark I'm thinking maybe I should pull my finger out...maybe.

peace out breakfast homies! xx

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  1. oh my pancake lord. uh-maze-ing. cinnamon scrolly goodness is my favourite. we must indulge together soon! xx