Thursday, September 1, 2011

To Ray Ban or not to Ray Ban?

A friend of her way back from bali holidaying {so jealous - i miss the sunshine!} brought me back an awesome pair of fakeys, black in colour, ray ban in the fake ness - love it! Another friend, who arrived back in the country only a couple of days after brought me a thankyou present in the form of black, the real deal, ray! Except now she won't let me have them because I already have a black pair {no matter that they're fake or not} and is waiting on me to choose another colour so she can do a swapsies. Here in lies the problem, there are
 a) too many colours to choose from and
 b) i am the most indecisive person in the universe!

help meeee!

I hopped onto the website and found a few, and then hopped onto the USA website and found even more sweet I need help to chooooooooooooose.

i'm thinking these are my first choice...summery much?!

perhaps borderline tiger stripes are not for me? but they're pretty cool..

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