Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lady of leisure

Well i'm on uni holidays and usually that would mean crazy amounts of work buuuut because I'm an invalid with a bung leg i'm only doing one subject AND ace-ing it {suck it proper first years who havn't even hit puberty yet, the old lady is winning!} so I decided to get my green thumb on and turn into some kind of gardening extraordinaire. I've recently been down to Coffs Harbour to visit family and was sent home with two cherry tomato plants, basil and coriander so yesterday I hit up Bunnings with my mum to add to the collection and find out what else I needed to ensure these plants didn't die {I'm not known for my gardening skills if I'm honest}. I came home with potting mix, liquid food for the plants {who knew!} AND rosemary, sno peas, rocket, strawberries and bok choy! Then my mum added mint and pineapple sage {??} from her mammoth vegie garden and then all I had to do was find space for it all in our not so enormous 'backyard' {that need some serious er, pruning/ ripping out ugly weed plants to make space for my glorious vegies...}

...Here is the proof that I can garden and plant things, and get filthy doing it. Now we just have to wait and see if they take and will have the good graces to grow things for me!

Ready, set, go!

Found these guys in the garden, i'm hoping for a gnome next!

I had to transplant these babies! I'm practically qualified...

Gardening face!

My, er, 'green thumb'

My fabulous climbing plants, sno peas and tomatos!


{a friend came over and found me sitting actually in the garden trying to dig holes..this photo was to prove to my mum that I actually gave it a shot!}

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  1. haha, you are too freakin cute! love the green thumb and gardening face! go you. i wish i could garden, but i usually kill all the beautiful things that grow. good luck, keep us updated! xxx