Friday, April 1, 2011

My week in 6 - revisited!

SO this week has been a nightmare in regards to uni work and i've JUST handed in assignment number 1 for the fortnight and am allowing myself a wee bit of indulgent internet trawling and cyber faux shopping (faux because I don't actually have any cash to spend that's not plastic and we all know that's a slippery slope!).

Fisrt off I stopped by ModCloth and stumbled upon possibly the most amazing cardigan ever!
nautical themed AND sequins?! what could be better right?

also found on ModCloth this dress also got a sneaky look in because it's just SO cute, i'm not sure how well it would go no we're headed into autumn/winter but I could probably save it until spring or get out the black tights!

Over to Princess Polly then and who doesn't love a good playsuit?!

Topshop came next even though I know the likelyhood of my actually buying anything from there is ridiculous, a girl can dream! And dream I did!!

So innapropriate but so so so sooooo fabulous!!
And I couldn't even find these ones in the shop online but just had to add them in even if they were just the banner image for the shoe department!

Finally, even though my nails are well in need of a manicure I thought I would share my newest (and possibly pretty shameful but you judge silently!) girl crush...and her awseome new nail polish colours from OPI.

i do love her.

and if anyone knows where I can get my hands on these babies please don't hold out on a girl!

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