Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Movie and TV featured top 10

So this may seem to be getting a little out of hand but this time it's the top 10 choice songs featuring in TV shows or movies.


Closing Time, the opening credits for Ed and a great song on its own.

Respect the Wind from Twister, only the best movie of all time.

perfection, Heath you can sing this to me any day of the week.

Sugarhigh - Coyote Shivers
It's better when Renee Zellweger sings it at the end of the movie but I couldn't find the clip.

Clueless, nothing else needs to be said about this choice.

A Night at the Roxbury - What is love

If you don't know this song and/or movie, you have been living under a rock I promise you.

My Girl, the Temptations but the movie of the same name is just pure nineties awesome-ness.

Walk like a man, from the movie Sleepers.

Teenage Dirtbag, Weezer from the movie Loser

I like it because they reference Iron Maiden.

I'll be there for you - The Rembrandts

This is the Friends theme song, my graduation song from grade 7 and always a favourite.

and there you have it, the end of the challenges...for now.

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