Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Guilty pleasures top 10 mixed tape

So Kerryn's blaming me for this, I blame her. Purely out of principle and the fact she can judge ALL she wants but that will never stop me from loving Fuel...ever.

So here they are, my top 10 {very painstakingly chosen over the course of two and a half days} guilty pleasure songs. Like Kerryn, I am in no way actually ashamed of my choices, I just feel like the "cool kids" aka the ill fitting clothes wearing too much arse showing hipsters would gasp at and judge me for them. I'm not old kids, I'm just classy!

Jackson Browne - Rosie

It's lovely, so I love it. Perhaps it has some kind of emotional attachment to it, perhaps it doesn't, you'll never know. It makes me wish I could have been a groupie, occasionally.

George Michael - Faith

Yeah I said it.
And you know what, I like the Limp Bizkit versions too.
Take that!

Rick Springfield - Jessies Girl

I know every single word to this song and can air guitar the shit out of it. It's my karaoke song and if I've had a couple,  forget about getting me to leave the dance floor if this comes on! The Everclear version is also very good.

Ke$ha - Tik Tok

Like the title of this post says, GUILTY pleasure people!! It sickens me that I enjoy this song but what can I do!?

Hanson - Mmm Bop

I know that Kerryn secretly wanted to add this to hers too so this is a little shout out to her. This song makes me feel like I'm 12 again and let me tell you, I wanted to be the drummer so bad! I know most girls just wanted to be Zacs girlfriend but not me baby, I wanted to take those drumsticks and prove that girls do it better always!

{I am in no way talented enough to actually BE a drummer, I just like the idea...a lot!}

Journey - Don't stop believing

Glee ruins everything, this is a classic.

J. Geils Band - Centrefold

You know you secretly enjoy this, you all do! And i'm not just talking about the video clip!

John Mellencamp - Jack and Diane

I'm completely aware of just how awful this one is and I'm preparing myself for the onslaught from a certain couple of work colleagues. You know what guys, do your worst because I love this song, it's SO uber corny and ridiculous and that's what's great about it.

Ultimate Caos - Casanova

I have no words, except that when I remembered I had this on my itunes it went on the playlist, instantly.

Bangles - Walk like an Egyptian

It was so hard to pick just one bangles song but in the end it had to be this one, if for nothing else but the leotard right at the beginning!
God I wish I had been a teenager in the 80's.

Thankyou and goodnight!

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  1. Ok, where do I start? You don't want to be called a whore, but you want to be a groupie. Kind of the same thing. I like Jackson Browne's backup singers. Particularly the slightly ranga one with the hint of gut and the 70s tracksuit top. Most hot. Fun fact: my friend's dog is named Jackson Browne.

    Faith.. was this at the point where girls still liked George Michael? Had they figured out the gay thing yet? I can't really judge the Limp Bizkit loving. I did see them at the Big Day Out. But I was 17 so I hadn't yet learned how crap Fred Durst or festivals were. (I might have even worn a red baseball cap backwards as I watched.. shame)

    Jessie's Girl I will allow. I quite like where Rick rhymes cute with moot. In case it wasn't obvious from my list, I am a huge fan of 80s cheese. I had an 80s themed 21st party even though I didn't really want a party. I just wanted an excuse to sit on napster (remember that?) for a month to download an awesome mix. All those CDs I made ended up not playing and my Dad played Copperhead Road all night.

    Um.. Kesha (who I will not dignify with a dollar sign). I hate her so much. But this song reminds me of My Kitchen Rules. I wonder if Manu wakes up in the morning feeling like P Diddy and then gets Pete to brush his teeth with a bottle of Jack? You can tell Masterchef is the more superior cooking show because they get Katy Perry. And the contestants can cook.

    MMMBop - Fuck yes! I used to drive around with a Hanson tape. Because I am that awkward age where I could drive when Hanson was popular and cars still had tape players. Remember the first time you found out they were guys? Nobody believed that shit.

    Yes, Journey, another example of Glee ruining things. I was once in a small bar in Pennsylvania when this song came on and couldn't believe people's reactions. I think it's the Khe Sahn of America. Or maybe it's just my friends that put their arms around each other and sing to Cold Chisel.

    There is absolutely no shame in Centrefold and Jack & Diane. If I could, I'd like to add some Come on Eileen to make it a solid trio. When did John lose the Cougar though?

    That Casanova song.. holy shit. I had no idea what that was until I hit play and I knew all the words. Not that that means I liked it. I obviously just watched a lot of Video Hits as a child.

    The Bangles - yes, mainly because of Gilmore Girls.

    Overall, a very solid list Morgan. Five stars.