Friday, March 16, 2012

It's dumpling tiiime!

Sake sake sake!
Captain Gyoza!
Two mates and I went to check out Harajuku Gyoza in the Valley a couple of weeks ago.
It was one of the most fun restaurants I've ever been to, EVER!
The dumplings were super delicious, especially the prawn and the duck (let it be known also that I'm not the biggest fan of duck but was talked around to the idea and pleasantly surprised!). The beer was also great even if we did have to wait for them to change the keg over, not to mention the sake.
If you order sake, which you should, be prepared for a crazy song and dance with hand clapping, punch dancing moves and singing before you can have your delicious beverage. It was fantastic and my sake cherry was popped.
Overall a great night but I do warn, it was really busy and we did have to wait about 15 minutes for a place to open up at the bar, late on a thursday night. So if you're heading in on a friday or saturday be prepared because you can't pre book tables.

Popping my sake cherry!

Super cute gyoza face on the beer glasses.

They have a super cute website if you want to check out the menu more at

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  1. Have heard so much about this place, can't wait to try it when I get home!