Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Had an accident...

Ok well the bike ride went all fine and dandy but then just over 2 weeks ago I decided to go and snap a major ligament in my knee playing hockey...hello knee reconstruction how are you today?

Yeah I know, sport = injuries, but not always! And now I have to sit around which is fine for a time but then TV starts to get boring and the reality of the reckless cookie eating and lack of ability to exercise kicks in...sad face.

This may mean that I will blog more, it might also mean that I become particularly slack on this side of things because I'm now about 3 weeks behind at uni and freaking out about it!

On the plus side we still managed to hit the Red Hill Fair with our wares and have loads of fun, many a steak sandwich, brownies and coffees and perhaps a wee bit too much sun. But with the lovely day and the stray baby goats and sheep wandering the park when we arrived to set up it was a pretty awesome day, despite the crutches and leg brace!

{photos are coming, of the fair, not the knee!}
{play safe xx}


  1. oh darling heart. thinking of you. let me know when is good for me to come over and play..whoopie pies in hand of course. perhaps the weekend after next? get well thoughts heading your way for a quick mend. hope you do blog more, looking forward to some pretty stuff. love you! xx

  2. I did the same thing 18months ago playing Touch football, had a total knee reconstruction. Just keep doing your exercises and be positive! Hope all goes well! xxx