Friday, March 19, 2010

What object do you collect?

Hey anyone out there in the blog world, how's this...what do you collect? I know people collect stamps and buttons but is there anything else out there a little oddball maybe?


i've started a doilie collection with the help from many a thrift store and jumble sale!



  1. I think I collect jewellery and handbags haha. My bestie used to collect toilet paper. You have no idea exactly how many different prints there are, I actually don't know if she still collects it but she used to have a big folder full. I'll have to ask her.

  2. I collect erasers and buttons. A little bit boring, but pretty to look at. x

  3. I collect buttons too! I have a vintage plate that i keep them in and every now and then go through them to use as a detail in a painting.

    Kellie, that toilet paper one is definitly odd!

  4. i collect everything, especially if it's from woolloongabba antiques. i hit the jumble sale this morning with sarah. picked up some treats and met a lady called nancy. love. what did you find?? x