Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Reindeer, Chocolate, Norsk & Garnes

So I’ve decided (keeping in mind that this is about the fifth time I’ve changed my mind about this since the new year) that I want to go to Norway. I really really really really really do.

And I was looking up cool things to do there and what to see and I came upon this (link to Norway website)…Reindeer safaris!! What an awesome thing to do, especially for me, I’m such a sucker for all things Christmas-ey. You get to go on tours through Forollhogna National Park and even if you don’t see any reindeer you still learn all about them and drink coffee on the mountain plains in the crisp mountain air..sigh..doesn’t that sound wonderful? It’s also recommended to stay at a farm in the mountain village of Vingelen, I wonder what that would be like…?

I also can't waste another minute not hanging out with one Camilla Garnes.



  1. Definitly!!!! oh my god we should totally organise a big norway trip!!