Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Church fete? more like church bonanza!

I love a good church fete, i'll admit it, but i am no fan of the early morning, no fan at all. So when my mum picked me up last saturday morning at 6am {what is this 6am i hear you ask? well i'm not quite sure to tell the truth...} i was less than impressed but the treasure i scored, SO completely worth it!

Along with the usual nanna baked delicious goodness (home made lamingtons thankYOU very much!) i stumbled upon a treasure trove of doilies and lace curtains, not to mention the woolen, multicoloured, knitted {circular} throw rug that i will have pictures of as soon as it's in off the washing line!

The book sections is always a winner, this particular time awarding my early morning wake up call with all these awesome little golden book titles. I don't know what to do with them there are so many ideas forming but something will come for sure!

Loving the knitting needles too, and some colourful splashes thanks to the belts and scarves table.

Mum got some great bargains too and then off to work it was for me, lamingtons in hand..what a day, and not even 8:30 am yet!

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