Monday, March 22, 2010

What inspires you?

I hate that feeling of being trapped, when you know the creativity and ideas are there but in no way are the showing themselves and you can't for the life of you get it out onto paper/ canvas/ the back of your hand...wherever.
...This is where i am, stuck in front of my desk with my mind running a million miles an hour with nothing to show for it but some empty redskin wrappers and half drunk coffee and a headache.

So here's the project, what inspires you? Or who? And maybe i can get somewhere or maybe it will help you too, i hope someone comes out a winner in this game!

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  1. i love abbey, she used to buy art materials from the artshop i worked at. totally inspiring. you need a wander, jumble sale is a good start. you need to go and collect ideas..don't sit there waiting for them, that never helps me. go gather so many little things and treats (or go have a chai and a cake..or come to mine for tea for that matter!)that you're about to pop..then play with what you've found, the sketches you've done. i need pretty things infront of me to get me going, so go play and the ideas will follow. promise! you inspire me btw. just fyi. :) xx

  2. I felt that way all week. I take part in "Illustration Friday" a weekly inspiration blog and was stuck on the theme. I had plenty of ideas, i just couldn't transfer them onto the screen. I was making my 7 month old sons breakfast of pureed apples and cinnamon and was inspired. It strikes at the most bizarre of times.