Friday, February 24, 2012

Ten of the best songs

These aren't necessarily the most popular/ cool/ hip/ or whatever else songs.

These are 10 songs that when in my car (providing my radio is working and I'm not relying on my ipod dock because the loudest it can go without crapping itself and turning off is little louder than the microwave beep) I have no qualms about blasting it and rocking out alone accompanied by a little air drums/ guitar/ general exaggerated arm gestures, depending on the amount of surrounding traffic.

Not because I think they might see/ hear me.
I know they can see me, my bigger worry is that perhaps they might bump into me if they get distracted too much by my faux musical brilliance.

Boston - More than a feeling

This is on sing star and let me tell you right now, the car rehearsals are all for the sing star opening night. Beer in hand, pretending that your hair is as luscious and enormous as the band, holding those notes for as long as they can and pretending your not out of breath and dying. 
Also, my mum said that this song was the most played on the juke box in the pub she worked in in the UK when she met my dad...pretty cool.

Wilson Phillips - Hold on

I very aware of the imminent judgement coming with this confession but you know what, you guys can suck it.
I love corny stuff like this.
Granted the film clip is truly heinous but I can't help but feel that my girl band would have such a better job.

Crash Test Dummies - Afternoons and Coffeespoons

The album that this is off was one that was on high rotation on long car trips as a kid.

I blame my parents for knowing all the words and every in and out of this song. I can't help but love it. It references scotch whiskey and artists.

Blink 182 - Dammit

Just awesome, in every way. It makes me want to jump around and air guitar and wish I was musically talented more than anything else ever, the end.

Fuel - Shimmer

When I was in highschool my best mate and I formed a band. An air band purely so we could rock out to this song. She was on air guitar and I was lead singer and air drums.
We rocked it like no 17 year old girls had rocked it before.

*disclaimer* - Please forgive Mr Scallions the dirty pedo mo.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero

I just like it OK.

The Gaslight Anthem - 59 Sound

This is an awesome song and this clip makes it even cooler because they're playing with Bruce Springsteen, pure gold.

Green Day - Basket case

I saw Green Day in 2005, right in the midst of my emo punky days and awww man! Flippin amazing and I don't think you quite understand just how difficult it is for me to choose only one song. A lot of shit happened back then and I could pretty much give you a soundtrack to Morgans emo life and it would be 80% these guys.
No joke.

Bluejuice - Broken leg

Aside from the fact this film clip is set in 1985, I went to see these guys with some cool as ladies from work and damn did we bust out some punch dancing!

Sense Fail - Rum is for drinking not burning

It's about pirates.
And when I saw them in Glasgow I smashed it out in the circle pit and it was glorious.
Good times.


  1. More Than A Feeling definitely has a place on my favourites list too. That album is one of my most played vinyls as well. It's just so good!