Saturday, April 30, 2011

Opping and Adventuring in Esk

Over the Easter my break my family and I went on a couple of training rides for the Ride to Conquer Cancer that we are taking part in in August. I'm talking 45km rides here, not your average cup of tea for this blogging lady that's for sure! So on with the lycra (?!) and the fuscia coloured bike mits (if i'm going to be forced to wear them they may as well be a cool colour right) and off we set to Esk.

We drove out to Esk, left one car at the caravan park and then took the car with the bike trailer up the Hampton range, to Hampton oddly enough. Only to turn around and ride down the range. Now, you hear down and you think easy but let me promise you, it wasn't all down hill and it definitly wasn't easy!
We may have taken a detour down a closed road (closed for a good reason too as you'll see in the landslide photograph!) but when we finally got back to Esk it was all hot chips, cider, antiquing and cheese platters!
The antique place was amazing and hilarious all at the same time.

My favourite were the copious amounts of stuffed game trophies, they even had fish!! I also stumbled upon a mammoth collection of old (and not so old) 45's. The ones that couldn't be passed up were Boyz 2 Men, Phil Collins and Meatloaf!!

So now we're back to real life and not many more public holidays to look forward to but trust me when I say there will be more biking adventure stories as we get ready for the big 200km in August!

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