Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New year = new posting regime.

Hi all,
Firstly, good god I've been atrocious at keeping this up to date lately! Seriously, I'm bordering on boring here and that is not what I want to see and I'm betting you definitely aren't keen on that either!

I have no excuses either, just slack, plain as can be.


To get the ball rolling on what I'm hoping will be a productive, fun and potentially sunny {sunny too much? how about not rainy?} year ahead I'm going to go ahead and list what I'm looking forward to...In dot point style of course.
  1. Going back to uni! I'm scared as hell but am so glad I've finally decided what I think my lot is in life that I'm willing to take on all those 17 year olds out there thinking they can rag on the old bird in the front row! Listen closely kids, I'm a mature age student and I'll ask all the flippin' questions I want! {I also can't get enough of delicious stationary and now have a ACTUAL excuse to buy some!!}.
  2. Moving out {again} but this time with the ladies, looking forward to girlie nights in with wine and god awful chick flicks you just can't watch without ridiculous amounts of ridicule in a boy house.
  3. Smashing it out at the gym, gotta get the butt into shape just in case that sun ever decides to shine on down at us again!
  4. Visiting my sister in Sydney as she tackles her newest hurdle, NIDA!
  5. And finally, because it is only the 4th of January after all, getting a new CD player for my car. My current one is just too temperamental.
Well then, I hope you all had wonderful christmas' and new years celebrations and that you're not all back at work yet {unlike some of us}. Hope to hear all about what you're looking forward to and fingers crossed I don't get slack again!!

turning over a new leaf.

Morgan x

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