Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rug up for the first day of winter!

Let me just say first that these are not the most amazing photos I've ever taken, generally due to the fact that they were take on my phone. My camera just adds more weight to an already burdensome handbag {some might call me a baglady of sorts...ahem} and I tend not to carry it around with me even though it's times like this I regret that fact.
 Anyway, as I was walking to work this morning, all the way through town I noticed some lovely souls had decided to make sure the city was all rugged up for the first day of Winter.
Hopefully all these knitted lovely warm things will still be around tomorrow so I can get some better photos of the tree scarves and the crotchet hearts attached to the fences! But in case I don't, or they're not there anymore here are the bridge warmers and the giant balls of wool.

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