Sunday, November 21, 2010

New news!

The new news of the week is that under the stairs will soon ( as soon as TOMORROW!) be stocked at the Echoes gift shop of Reverse Garbage in Brisbane!
 If you're not familiar, Reverse Garbage is located at 296 Montague Rd (cnr Ashington St) in West End. Essentially what they do is collect all the offcuts and bit and pieces industrial companies would usually throw out and re sell them at super low cost to the artsy, craftsy, home improvement, handy type people of the Brisbane area. The echoes gift shop therefore stocks locally, handmade product that is 75% or more recycled or salvaged materials and I'm lucky enough to have been chosen to sell my brooches, earrings and a new set of necklaces I created especially. All my pieces are at least 75% salvaged materials and most are closer to 90%.
Here is a sneak peek of the pieces I'm taking down tomorrow. Today has been one HUGE day of creativity and i'm exhausted I can guarantee, but definitly proud. I hope you guys what you see and maybe pop in and have a sticky beak at the display when it's up!

Charm bracelet, part of the new tangent I thought I'de have a go at.

A charm from one of my new necklaces.

New cards (i love my caravan stamp!) and earrings in new colours for christmas!

All packed and ready to go!

...such a long day.

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