Sunday, October 10, 2010

What a rummage!

Even though the weather failed us and it was a fairly miserable day it was nice to see the young (and old/er) and the crafty out in force last weekend. There was so many stalls and SO much cool stuff I just had to close my eyes as I walked by other wise it would have been a very poor Morgan going home 4 hours later!
Your organ grinder was there and so was Holly from Pannikin. I had an old friend Grace have her first turn at rummaging and was our neighbour across the way. The lovely Laura was my other neighbour and partner in crime {getting the best home-made monte carlos and macaroon treats back to our friends} and so many new friends were made as the day went by. A big shout out to Mum, who brought me coffee and Vicki who also came with sustinence in the way of the most delicious sushi in town (Ann st baby!!). There were few photo memories made as I made such an intelligent move in forgetting my camera. Luckily our international student Wei came to the rescue!

my craft to the left and other bits to the right..

Grace setting up...

hmmm...loving life, clearly!

the neighbours.

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