Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The biggest garage sale on the north side...

Samford baby! Mum and I hit this one up last year aswell and I tell you what, this year was possibly just as good, if not better in the treasure stakes!! I got myself a HUGE load of old school kids books with the likes of The Magic Pudding, Peter Rabbit, The Bearnstein Bears, The House at Pooh Corner, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and all manner of little golden books...and MINI little golden books (that I didn't even know existed!!) all for the low low price of $11.
Because I have a miniscule foot I managed to squeeze into the raddest heels on earth, for 5 bucks no less! My sister wasn't so lucky with her bargain and they fell apart on her that afternoon when she wore them out, bugger. Lucky mum was around for an emergency pick up and shoe change!
I found the sweetest wee cut glass icecream dishes and some awesome doilies to add to the collection but I must say the find of the day stayed behind. As much as it saddens me I'm just not convinced my boyfriend would have been as pleased as I was with the pink velvet lounge suite with timber frame golden fringing...and so it got left behind.

the most amazing lounge suite in the universe...
possibly the greenest wardrobe i've ever seen (dad as good as laughed me down when I suggested maybe it was cool and we should make a purchase...sad face)
my rad new shoes, pretty much disco balls for my feet.

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  1. am loving allll these treats! i wanna see the icecream bowls! x