Wednesday, February 24, 2010

my week in 6...{wk 6}

I'll be the first one to admit I have been somewhat slack with my posts recently. I'm trying to reconfigure my blog and make it prettier/ easier to navigate. I'm not very good with the whole computer technology thing so please, if anyone has any tips, pass them on!

Anyway, this week has been pretty busy, Soundwave on the weekend and more paintings being sold means I have to get my butt in gear and get creative! The Winter Olympics have also been taking up my creative time. I love the ice skating and can only wish I would be that graceful on skates!
I'm also trying very hard to get a flickr account going so people can view my art work better..i wouldn't advise holding your breath though because as I said..a wee bit technology illiterate.

so here you go, 6 photos of where my mind is this week.

..made me chuckle.

oh how i wish i had better skills on ice.

cannot wait for this movie!

seriously considering a change in hair colour, thoughts? {hayley williams, paramore}

polaroids are my new favourite.

what happens when unleashed on pipe cleaners in the kids art centre!

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