Thursday, January 21, 2010

my week in 6...week 3! (finally!)

Ah, so here i am finally with my favourite 6 images for this week!
No theme, just cool/ cute/ awesome things i've found along the way this week.

"Her loves a pony" by Kristal Melson, limites edition prints by bespoke letterpress...the little girl in me wants one super bad!

um, possibly the coolest baby G out there and who could possibly NOT want one! Oh why is my birthday so so far away?

A woodland deer, perfect for my little oasis that is my NEW STUDIO!!!
by Greenbriar at

love betsyblonde, just love it.
And purple unicorns?! hearts.
"my red balloon"
find at trafalgar squares

if it was winter, i know what i'd be wearing!!
(maddyandme designs at

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