Sunday, January 10, 2010

my week in 6...week 2

So this week has been a crazy roller coaster ride of well, just crazy.

Parcels arrived from overseas friends with lovely surprise belated christmas pressies, i've been up to my eyeballs in hooks and string and drills and screws and about a thousand other things getting my paintings ready to hang for Monday re-opening of XoXo (the cafe where my show is) and who could forget the newest addition to my collection of creations.

well, here's a little sneak peek ..

Edinburgh at christmas time, here's me wishing for another trip overseas already!

Probably some of the cutest earrings in the world and I got them for christmas from a lovely Sophie friend!

"Good at breaking pretty things" (my newest creation)

it really was a mad world.

a couple of other new ones..

the cutest little christmas decoration ever all the way from Denmark in a christmas package for me from one lovely camilla!


  1. good at breaking pretty things....LOVE IT!

  2. glad you left a comment on my blog otherwise I might not have found this cool little blog! Will have to have a look-see at your stuff I live just up the road.

    Also this is going to sound really weird, but I went to a school with a guy called Jason, he has a partner that works at GoMA, probably not you, but man what a small world if it is!!