Monday, January 9, 2012

Sanity kept by photos

So I realise that so far this project isn't going along as these things are supposed to, but too bad! I got the option to head up the beach for a few days camping without phone reception and I jumped at the chance!
So here are the four days I missed whilst galivanting on the beach, now I'm up to date and there will be a.non photo protect related blog coming soon about our camping adventures!

Day 4 - day one of our coming trip, camp set up and now it's time to hit the beach!

Day 5 - still camping but we hit rainbow beach to buy some bait and have a hard earned cider at the pub, mine had a love great in it, can you see it?!

Day 6 - we found this weird bear in the sand near our campsite and it became a player in our slightly skewed version of the spicks and specks board game that we made up after playing the real version.

Day 7 - the view at 6:30am from the track up to the light house, back into the bay.

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