Wednesday, February 16, 2011

That time I went solo.

This weekend I took a road trip, solo, down to Coffs Harbour. It was my cousins 18th and I was the only cousin who was able to show for this side of the fam. Anyway, a boys 18th, in the country, with 44 gallon drums for fires, marquee tents for the TV to be safely under {for the footy}, more eskies than you could count, party pies and sausages in bread. A great night.

I hit the beach at my grandmas and a retro shop or two in Bangalow, nearly got run off the road by a truckie and had a issue with the in flight music, here are some happy snaps of the trip!

My in flight music...ipod style

The pub, i didn't go.

Road trippin'!

Awesome retro shop on the road out of Bangalow.

Damn truckie

In flight meals...bbq shapes style.

Love the beach,

and love my grandma!

So there it is, not an overly productive few days but a fun fun time! I wish that I'd had a couple more days at the beach, that is all.

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  1. you are just too cute. love the pics and LOVE that retro shop. was it any good? pricey? glad you had a fun weekend. xx