Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Suitcase Rummage #2

Not as busy as the first but it was mothers day and heres hoping that the diminished crowds were due to the fact you were all out there looking after your mums and making sure their day was wonderful! {don't worry, I took care of all things mum before lunchtime with a breakfast bonanza!}

I had more cards, some sweet brooches and hair clips made from vintage zippers and a bunch of other new things made for our new etsy venture.

Pics of the day..

{not sure what my hand is doing..just don't look at it!}


  1. This looks so lovely, wish I could come over and see you Morgan! it's nice and sunny in Aus!? xx

  2. You know what, it was SO sunny that day I got sunburnt! And it's supposed to be Autumn!! I think we should organise a big meet up trip, somewhere halfway...