Monday, December 14, 2009

my week in 6...

So my lovely friend Laura of 'Kit & Nancy' fame recently decided to do a regular bit on her blog called '6 favourite things'. So we chatted and I'm going to start one on my page too cos' we both love checking out each others newest finds. I hope whoever's out their and may stumble upon my blog will enjoy them too.

You may find my first week a wee bit christmas themed...well i love christmas so what are you going to do?


a deer, an owl and a fox by kg & ab at

deliciously christmas-ey snowflakes found at (can you find the animals?)

More snowflakes but this time they can be found at 12fifteen. These babys are made with love in Phoenix, Arizona and there's no snow there either so I don't find it too strange to love them in Queensland either!

just because it's the best letter in the alphabet.

find more at September House on etsy.

just for laughs.

one wire hippo coming right up!

find his reindeer friends at

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