Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Samford valley church bonanza...

It was a family afffair, an early start and an armfull of green bags and off we trooped into Samford and into the most amazing junk market/ biggest garage sale you've ever been to in your life!

There were cake stalls with all the trimmings, fudge, rocky road, cup cakes and of course coconut ice. Coffee, Bookstalls, second hand clothing and that wasn't even the best of it!

The bric-a-brac and the art sections were what caught our eyes and when we were done we were well in need of that coffee and cake stall!

Delicious doilies, vintage champagne glasses and ceramic electric jugs were my choice of the day and my sister couldn't go past the bowls and tea cups! There will be pictures up soon and more about our adventures but for now, make a note in your calender for next year because this place is a must for all!!

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